Some would argue the Florida Keys provides the best backdrop for a destination wedding. I certainly concur with that. While you can plan a beachfront ceremony almost anywhere, the Keys delivers something more. So, too, does Freas Photography. Founded in 2014, I have since had the distinct pleasure of marrying (no pun intended) my passion for the medium with my ever evolving awe of the Keys. Words aren’t enough to convey precisely why so many are drawn to this area, but superior images have the capacity to come close. Among other reasons, this is why I chose a career here as a professional wedding photographer.

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From locals to those hailing from far away, I take great pleasure in getting to know folks seeking premium photos of their celebration. When it comes to selecting the perfect person to document their special day, future Mr. and Mrs. traveling to the Keys have a number of options at their disposal. What sets Freas Photography apart is my approach and attitude: Not only am I inspired by the love shared between the people I meet, but also I’m inspired by this magical location. When you pick this place for your nuptials, chances are we’re going to get along. Born and raised in the mountains of North Carolina, like you I too went out of my way to come here — I’ve called Key West my home for many years.

I always say the little black box changed my life. Maybe even saved it. Fascinated with cameras from a young age, rediscovering this initial intrigue as an adult helped me find my purpose. I risked a lot to launch this business, and I’ve never felt more fulfilled. It’s with a deep sense of gratitude that I enter into each occasion for which I have the privilege to participate. That I earn a living making other people smile is truly a gift. Brides and grooms recognize my commitment to go above and beyond the call of duty, and to do so with genuine pride. I aim to become the wedding guest you didn’t invite but are thankful came.

I make a point of blending in with family and friends as I attend to your tailored shot list, then letting myself off-leash, surprising you at the end with supplemental pics you weren’t aware you wanted but years later will be ecstatic to have.

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Featured In Bitchless Bride

Bridey, look at this photograph. I think it’s clear that the B+G have an incrediblesense of humor and an incredible sense of themselves. I mean… They’re getting ready to make their grand entrance into the wedding reception, and they’re doing with their dog, Bramble, rockin’ hats and heart-shaped glasses! LOVE IT!

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