Commercial Photography
June 14, 2016

What sets me apart as a Commercial photographer focusing on Florida Keys Lifestyle Photography?  I grew up in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina.  I developed a love for nature and an appreciation for the beauty of landscapes from an early age. My first visit to the Golden Strand of South Carolina, and the East Coast of the United States was at the age of one. I visited frequently throughout my childhood and adolescence. Most noteworthy, I learned to surf and fsh. Over the years I realised the intangible yet unmistakeable spiritual connection I felt with the ocean.

A central theme throughout all of my shots is respect. The islands of the Florida Keys and Key West has given so much to me, and I want to honour it. The landscapes feed my soul. They give me inspiration and this is what I want my images to convey. Emotion, setting, and stoke! When you see a smile on someone’s face doing what they love, then add in the backdrop of the beautiful Florida Keys, you get magic. I want someone to see my photographs and say, ‘Man, I want to go there!’. I want them to feel the vibe, the beauty and the magic. Enjoyment and celebration. It’s a canvas that has everything, it’s just about taking those components and making them work.

Commercial photography and Florida Keys Lifestyle Photography is the creation of images to help sell a product (usually) and/or a service (sometimes).  My mission is to create compelling visual images that speak to the target audience of your product. The images produced and style of production will align very closely to both the overall branding strategy that exists for your product or service, and most of all play to the target demographic that your company is going after.  I work closely with you to understand how your product will sell, and I am able to articulate the qualities that drive people to purchase your product or service..