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May 29, 2016

I know you; I am just like you. Family is important to you. Those little ones and the one you are married to mean more than anything else to you. Thats why families contact me for their key west family photography.  Photos are important to you, too. In fact, the sheer fact that the majority of what is taking up memory on your phone & computer is photo files is a testament to that. But, when sifting through all the wonderful day-to-day moments you capture, you realize that something … someone … is missing. You + your people. Lots of amazing photos of the kids … of the kids and your husband … some selfies … maybe even a few of you and the kids when you hand your phone to your husband. But, where are those photos of ALL of you?

I’m more of a photojournalist than a portrait photographer in that I capture families as they truly exist. I don’t shine bright lights in faces and then ask them to say cheese and smile pretty for me. That’s what school photos are for.  I shoot on-location, utilizing our brilliant natural Florida light, at a place special to you and your family–downtown, your favorite park, home, anywhere that both excites and comforts. It’s all about getting lost in a good time and the more invisible I become, the better.

I also offer sessions that involve boating.  Boating is one of my favorite things to do on my  downtime, so I like to include it in some shoots.  If you are a boating family and like to include that into your weekends, then we should talk.  I think its important to catch families in their natural element.  It shows who you are, and what makes your family the best family in the world. This is your Key West Family Photography and what you want. Book your family photography session here.

Jan 14:41 November 28, 2016
My step son and now daughter in law eloped. We are looking to get a package that would include pictures of the couple and family pictures (two granddaughters). Would you share pricing information please? Thanks so much. Jan Jackson
Mike Freas 14:13 January 24, 2017
Jan can you email us through our contact page please?
Nicole 19:33 January 30, 2017
Hoping you are available 2/7 for a family photo shoot?!